It’s your subscription, so you decide how we give.

Donate BarkBox

This past March, our customers helped us donate over 6,000 BarkBoxes to our shelter partners.

We’re at it again. Join us to help make a difference in the lives of dogs in need. Sign up for a multi-month subscription and we’ll make a donation.

Donate a BarkBox to provide

  • Enrichment for shelter dogs
  • Care packages for fosters
  • Take-home gifts for adopters

Donate cash to provide

  • Medical expenses
  • Food, beds, cleaners & more
  • Transportation costs

BarkBox is the monthly delivery dogs and their parents can’t WAIT to rip open.

Can I choose a specific shelter or rescue to get my BarkBox donation?

We don't play favorites, so we'll be distributing the donations, both BarkBoxes and cash, among our partners equally.

If I choose to donate cash with my subscription, how much money will be donated?

We’ll donate $10 for every new 6- or 12- month BarkBox subscription purchased.

How do I suggest a great shelter or rescue to receive donations?

If you want to get your local shelter or rescue involved, have one of their representatives visit  to learn more and sign up!

What kind of charities do you support?

We work with shelters, rescues and non-profits that contribute to the cause of helping dogs in a positive, collaborative way that is aligned with animal welfare standards.

I’m an active subscriber - can I still participate? 

This offer is only for new BarkBox subscribers. However, all of our partnering organizations have their own custom code to purchase a BarkBox through. You can contribute to their cause by spreading the word about their code when you post photos of your dog enjoying their monthly Box! Reach out to your local shelter or rescue to see if they’re partnering with BarkBox to get their code. If they aren’t partnering with us already, have them check out to sign up!

Donate BarkBox

We partner with hundreds of shelters and rescues across the U.S. and Canada. We don’t play favorites, so we’ll be distributing the donations equally. 

Don't see your local shelter or rescue? Find out how to get them involved here!

Donate Cash
Donate Cash

BarkBox is the monthly delivery dogs and their parents can’t WAIT to rip open.